New projects

WHERE ARE YOU? A collaboration with the artist Liliane Lijn that began with each of us asking people this question ” We all live in our bodies; but where exactly in your body do you live? The first outing for the projects was during the Brain Unravelled event at the Slade on Sept 16th 2009. To hear more about what happened listen to the Guardian’s podcast based on the evening . Watch this space for further developments.

AN EVENING WITH ALBERT   A new version of Pub Genius devised for an Italian audience and premiered in Monte St Maria Tiburina on January 3rd 2010. The event raised 270€ which will be used to buy scientific equipment for the local elementary school.

Test yourself or run a fundraiser of your own. Answers available on request.



  1. Einstein’s first job was working as a:

a Tax Inspector

b Patent Officer

c Railway Clerk


  1. Which of these countries offered Einstein its      Presidency in 1952?


a Germany

b Italy

c Israel


  1. At close to the speed of light would a clock go:


a Faster

b Slower

c As normal



  1. Which of these gases makes the bubbles in Champagne?


a Oxygen

b Carbon Dioxide

c Nitrogen


  1.  Red wine      is supposed to protect you from disease of the..

a Kidney

b Liver

c Heart



  1.  Bottle corks were traditionally made      from…


 a Tree bark

b Compressed vine leaves

c Papyrus



7. Tonic water is flavoured with…


a Caffeine

b Codeine

c Quinine



8. Tonic water was invented to treat..


a Tuberculosis

b Malaria

c Cholera


9.  Which of  these is most likely to give you a hangover.


a Vodka

b Gin

c Whisky



10. Ice floats highest in..


 a Vodka

b Water

c Whisky


Pause for marking of first round


Demonstration of how to make a balloon kebab

How to tell the difference between a boiled egg and a raw egg without cracking it






11. Peanuts grow..


a Above the ground

b Under the ground

c Under water



12. Which of these elements was first isolated from animal urine?


a Sodium

b Sulphur

c Phosphorus








13. How long does it take the liver to destroy the alcohol in one glass of wine?


a 10min

b 30min

c 60min


 14. Drinking water is a good way of treating a hangover because it..


a flushes out the liver

b rehydrates the body

c dilutes the alcohol


15 . The aspirin made by the white willow is found in its..







 16.  E300 is..


Ascorbic acid

Citric acid

Tartaric acid



17. Pernod goes cloudy when you add water because it contains..

a Vegetable oil

b Methanol

c Protein


18. Beers become dark when they…


are brewed longer

contain more barley

contain roasted malt


19. Hops wind around poles




Either clockwise or anticlockwise


20.  Vinegar is


a Acetic acid

b Acetone

c Acetaldehyde




Pause for table top tricks and marking of Round 2


Tricks:  Potato stabbing: potatoes [size of fist] drinking straws

Bottle cannon: small glass fizzy drink bottle [like UK tonic bottles, or campari bottles]; corks that fit tightly in tops; baking powder [Sodium Bicarbonate]; Vinegar


Winners announced prizes awarded



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