Communication Masterclasses

My work as a science communication trainer has taken me to 27 countries in the last ten years and has led to the development of three unique and widely acclaimed science communication  masterclasses. 


Masterclass in Saudi Arabia


Masterclass 1 

New ways of taking science to people 

Audience: Scientists and Science Communicators 

Duration : 2 hours 

Features many new ways that science might be communicated  to non-scientists and an exercise designed to re-enforce key points that involves devising a way of taking a specific message to a defined audience. 

Masterclass 2 

Taking your science to the public 

Audience: Scientists 

Duration: half or full day 

Gives individuals the skills they will need to present their research to a public audience, includes feedback on presentation styles and training in being interviewed. 


Masterclass 3 

Handling hot topics 

Audience: Scientists and Science Communicators 

Duration: two hours or half a day 

Explores and explains how to draw non-scientists into discussion of the impact of science based innovation on society; includes demonstrations of effective ways of triggering  and facilitating discussion of potentially controversial topics. 


Each of  these workshops can be customised to meet the needs of a specific client. They are all delivered by me or a team led by me. The fee for the workshop includes soft bound copies of my Taking Science to People and Why and how to communicate your research handbooks for each participant. Contact me to discuss your specific requirements on

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