About the Frank Burnet Consultancy

Over the last ten years I have developed  Masterclasses and a short concise handbook both of which are designed  to give scientists, technologists and engineers the skills they will need to communicate their work to the public. The combination has been very well received around the world and establishing my own Consultancy has been the trigger for my making it more widely available for the first time. To discover more go to Communication Masterclasses and Why and how to communicate your research

I have also provided numerous people with advice on how to establish and maintain a career as an effective science communicator and this led to the creation of workshops and supporting materials with that focus which I am also making more widely available through this site go to Communication Masterclasses and Taking Science to People

I hope you find these materials useful and do not hesitate to contact me if you want further information at Frank.Burnet@gmail.com

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