Unforgettables 2009

–          Attending my first meeting of the Advisory Board for the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi and hearing the Russian representative say “We must conserve this place; one day it may be our last refuge”

It was that experience that put climate change at the top of my list of professional priorities

–          Working in Saudi Arabia; they had a water list instead of a wine list; I never saw anything but the eyes of a key colleague and could never be in a room alone with her, but it was still possible to become good friends.

I never been to a stranger country, and I found many aspects of its treatment of women abhorrent, but I still came away feeling that King Faisal had quite unintentionally re-enforced my conviction that individuals are invariably stronger than systems, however oppressive

–          Holding my new granddaughter Emily

It was partly because she fell asleep. It’s more usual for babies I hold to behave like they have been handed to a bear

–          Learning to enjoy haggling with Turkish carpet sellers, although the lessons were expensive

I think the Actor got the better of the Scotsman. I was transformed from a wallet hugger to an

apple tea fuelled spendthrift


–          Discovering that even though he is 89, I still can’t beat my father at golf

His idea of a good shot is one that flies as straight as an arrow, mine is one that stays within the confines of the driving range

–          Loving the freedom of not working for an Institution.  It seems that I had served my time…

It’s been a great year, although it took me a while to stop thinking that every day was a Sunday and being surprised when all the shops were open


~ by Frank Burnet on December 11, 2009.

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